You want to keep pace with the latest e-commerce trends, and YoungUpstarts has the comprehensive cheat sheet for you. They asked me and other e-commerce industry leaders how to spot the best tech. As the founder of an invoicing company,, I keep a close eye on the mobile payments industry. In fact, since nearly five billion people will be using mobile phones by the end of 2016, there’s been an explosion of growth in this sector. I’ve seen that for “pay” features, Samsung, Apple and Android are far from the only big players.

I think the next big trend will be wearable tech. You’ll no longer have to make mobile payments with “just” a tablet or smartphone. As more folks wear this technology, they’ll start demanding more features. Of course, the big companies have all showcased mobile apps and payment tools in 2016, but I suspect some brand new devices will be coming to the market soon.

Visual search and personalization are also hot topics in e-commerce. Visual search is completely changing how consumers shop online, and AI tech to personalize searches has shown customers what they should expect with online shopping experience.

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