I like to be open about companies I frequently work with. Below are lists of all the companies I am involved with, in some way or another.


I have been advising some of the very best startups from around the world. These are some of those companies.


I have been fortunate in my life to have started and grown some very successful companies that have gone on to be acquired by larger companies.

Acquired in 2012
Acquired in 2013 by ArtScience
Acquired in 2013 by Matador Web Group
Acquired in 2014 by MoneyReign
Former Owner/Partner
Former President


I am an active investor in Silicon Valley. I typically invest between $15,000 - $500,000. I frequently talk about my investments. Here are ones I'm very public about.

Giving Back

I love giving back to my community. Here are some of the great charities that I donate my time to help make the world a better place.

Places I Have Written For

I'm an active writer and like to express my advice openly to other entrepreneurs to help inspire them.


Clients I've Worked With

Here are some of the great companies that I've worked with over the years. Some I currently work with, some are from the past. All amazing companies!