Each year, the Montgomery Summit brings together a global community of innovators and leaders, with numerous companies presenting what they offer. The invitation-only event includes entrepreneurs, investors, and leading executives.

This year, the event will be held March 4-5th at the Fairmont Miramar Hotel & Bungalows in Santa Monica, California.

The event will include more than 140 company presentations. One of these presentations includes John Rampton who will talk about his company, Calendar on the afternoon of March 5th.

In the presentation, John plans to share information about Calendar, which is an all-in-one tool that allows you to analyze how you and your team spend time to improve productivity. The platform and app leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning that personalizes the productivity and scheduling experience for each user.

As one of the co-founders, John already has established a track record of several successful startups and exits. Calendar is no exception. It has more than 600,000 monthly visitors to the site and close to 10,000 new users each month. This makes Calendar one of the fastest growing productivity apps this year.