NBC Australia just released a brief post on how to optimize small businesses to win the mobile game—and I’m pleased to share that they included a link to one of my Forbes articles as the go-to place to find out more! Succeeding in business requires getting and keeping clients, and optimization can help with both. We’re deep in a mobile world now, but so many businesses haven’t kept pace.

Did you know that 50 percent of e-commerce traffic now comes from mobile devices? That figure will just keep growing, as reported by Shopify and Social Media Today. Plus, about 60 percent of consumers around the world use a mobile device as their primary internet source.

If you have a business, you absolutely need a site that’s mobile friendly. It needs to be easy to find online and easy to navigate. This requires constant monitoring and tweaking, especially since new mobile devices are constantly being released. A mobile friendly website means that you’re guaranteeing to play nicely with the majority of consumers who may find you online. A non-mobile friendly site is driving away at least half of your potential customers from your site, directly into the competition.

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Optimising Your Small Business for Mobile Domination-with John Ramptn