has some create tips on creating low-cost yet savvy marketing strategies, and they quoted me on one of the approaches. I’m a fan of pinpointing positions to fill and then working towards goals. It was one of the challenges when founding We had to decide if we wanted employees, contractors or freelancers. Figure out which roles best fit these professionals your business. Interviews are key, of course, but so are post-hiring assessments to make sure you have premium workers.

Determining who your target market is as well as your end goal is also a comprehensive and well-rounded approach. However, many businesses take a “play as you go” attitude and don’t forecast or plan very far in advance. Simultaneously, creating the highest quality content amidst all of these steps is the juice that will keep propelling your marketing strategy forward. It’s the

Always look for a way to advertise your business at a very low cost. Many options are free, excepting man power. In many cases, you don’t need to mail flyers or rent a billboard.

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