The results are in, and I’m excited to announce the winners of the “Visualize Me” contest! As one of the judges of this infographic contest, I was charged with selecting the top infographics of the year. Fellow judges included Randy Krum, Larry Kim, Nayomi Chibana and even more esteemed professionals. Twenty-five finalists were selected, and we were responsible for narrowing down the best of the best.

Originality and content each counted for 40 percent of the factor, and design made up the following 20 percent. We were looking for overall originality of the infographic, the amount of effort and thought behind the infographic, and both the aesthetics and impact of the finished product.

The top winner was Thom Gibson, a blogger, educator and filmmaker. He designed the infographic “How to Propose to Your Girlfriend” and was awarded $2,000, one year of Visme Premium membership, and one year of Iconofinder Unlimited membership. He came up with the infographic based on his own proposal five years ago. The result is an interactive flow chart, but Thom admits he’d never made an infographic before.

To see all the winners and check out their infographics, visit the results page: