Check out my latest interview with ideamensch where I discuss co-founding, the future of digital payments, and what it means to be a lifelong entrepreneur. I talk about my “job beginnings” at a construction site, the accident that left me bedridden for months, and how I turned those struggles into my first big entrepreneurial venture. Ideamensch connects with entrepreneurs in all industries to find out what makes them tick, their history, and what advice they have for other entrepreneurs.

When I was recovering from the accident, I spent up to 20 hours per day online—I didn’t have anything else to do! That’s how I got deep into online marketing. I self-taught how to leverage blogs, promote products, and monetize blogs. Slowly, I started to buy, sell and grow online companies, and within a few months I was hooked.

I also talk about the early days of, which I connected with after I realized how many domain URLs worked with online invoicing. I’m also connected to a number of freelancers who struggle with their own invoices.

Read more about my inspirations (Elon Musk), how I’d invest $100 and more at the full blog: