Entrepreneurship is more than a calling and more than a skill—it’s an art, and there are some serious artists out there! SEMrush Blog featured an article on this new medium, and I’m stoked to be featured. I talked extensively with Elena Terenteva about honing my art, and whether entrepreneurs are born or made (they’re definitely made, and it takes a long time!). I credit hard work and doggedness to my own success. However, don’t overlook having the innate “right stuff” and sheer luck, too. Right place/right time can definitely make a difference.

When asked about nature vs. nurture, I must admit environment plays a role. How you were raised, who you saw as role models, and the kind of work environments you were exposed to early in your life can help mold you for better or worse. Still, entrepreneurship is more than a way to make a living. It’s a way of living overall, and it’s a mindset.

So, can anyone become an entrepreneurial artist? The answer is “maybe.” With enough determination, the sky really is the limit, but many successful entrepreneurs have a lot in common starting with their work ethic!

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The Art of Entrepreneurship -with John Rampton