Backlinking is a pillar of SEO, and the strategies are always changing. When Northcutt asked me what my favorite backlinking approach is, my advice is “ask for interns.” Recently, I was recruiting at a college fair and advertised a need for writing interns. These interns are hungry, ambitious and skilled. Their writing chops are great, and when they have my permission to re-publish on university website I got even more creative talent. By getting backlinks to .edu sites, my backlinks were stronger and the students were happy.

Two pieces of advice from other SEO pros overlap: Talk to everyone and “it’s all about who you know.” When you build alliances in the industry, you can help one another out. Backlinking can easily be a win-win for everyone involved. Network, digitally or the old school way, and don’t be afraid to ask about backink exchanges.

Another expert recommended “news jacking,” which is what most outlets do anyway. The more you’re talking about hot topics, the more likely you are to score backlinks. Offering quality content is the core of SEO, and can help naturally create more backlinks in your favor.

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