When it comes to public relations, there are different strategies to adopt based on where your business stands. OnBoardly asked a few entrepreneurs, myself included, what trends startups need to adopt. Engaging in “chit chats” with possible customers is critical. Personally, I like having a contest which helps customers feel like they’re part of the crew. It also aids in building emotional relationships. Talking with customers is a must, but how you do that can be a creative endeavor.

Other entrepreneurs suggest making friends with celebrities and notables, which is a lot easier in the age of social media. “Famous” is subjective, and can also be solely within your industry. If you can get someone on your side who already has a wealth of connections, that can drastically cut down your leg work.

If you can become to go-to referral person in your industry, you’re golden. You don’t have to be the number one expert on all matters in your field—having just a slice of the niche can work wonders. Be helpful, engaging and zero pressure, and you’ll become an invaluable resource.

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