Take a look at the latest blog featured on Business Collective, in conjunction with the Young Entrepreneur Council. We all know we should be utilizing social media for business, but very few of us 1) are (surprisingly!) and even fewer are 2) doing it well. Fortunately, there are some very fast, easy, and effective changes we can all make. This blog focuses on nine social media experts who are actively re-shaping our social media strategy, and the steps we’ve found to be most effective.

For Due.com, we decided to change focus. Our clients don’t care much about the biggies like Facebook and Twitter, but they’re all about Pinterest. Don’t assume that the “big platforms” are the big platforms for your customers. Most of our social media is focused on Pinterest now, and we’re trying to automate the other social media platforms so we still have a presence.

Other tips include simply using it less if that’s all your business needs, while others are trying to see it as an event instead of a daily task. One of the most important tips is to have fun with it—that’ll show through in your posts!

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9 ways Businesses Should Use Social Media to Better Engage Customers-with John Rampton