When finance and technology merged to make “fintech,” some thought and industrial leaders were bound to rise to the top. Onalytica recently put together the ultimate list of influencers and brands in the fintech world, and I’m happy to be included! Last year, fintech funding reached an all time high of $19.1 billion and it’s expected to keep growing. I was selected as a Top 100 influencer thanks to my company, Due.com, which was founded with Murray Newlands.

Social media links are included in this mega list, so be sure to follow all the influencers and stay on top of your own fintech game. I started Due.com as a means of making invoicing fast and simple for all types and sizes of businesses. Thanks to the influx of entrepreneurs in recent years, taking care of the nuts, bolts, and finances of a business has become more pressing than ever.

These fintech leaders were also selected because of their contribution to major blogs and media outlets focused on the industry. I am regularly featured on Forbes, Entrepreneur, and many other sites and journals. You can also check out more of my blog to stay up to date with fintech!

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Fintech 2016 Top 100 Influencers and Brands- with John Rampton