Everybody makes mistakes on social media, but if you’re just transitioning from “managing” your personal social media to your businesses’, the mistakes you could make are very different! A lot of us learned this the hard way so you don’t have to. AllBusiness.com just asked 13 entrepreneurs and digital marketers, myself included, what our worst mistakes have been. Mine was choosing to outsource—specifically to a foreign country.

I get it. There will come a time when it’s no longer feasible to manage your own social media page. Plus, you’re probably not qualified to do so anyway! However, keep any outsourcing in-country and preferably local to you. In state and in-city is even better. This ensures the language, slang, and local references are on point.

Mistakes my colleagues have made include getting addicted to a single platform and refusing to branch out (or, when you do, not giving it your all on other platforms). You might also fall into the trap of thinking and posting how awesome you are. Self-esteem for your business is a great thing, but you want to indulge in some humility, too.

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13 Social Media Mistakes That Can Tarnish Your Brand-with John Rampton