Entrepreneur has compiled the best eight ways to up your email marketing performance, and I’m happy to have contributed to the list. My tip, the first one, is to scrub and verify your email list on a regular basis. There are all kinds of mistakes that can be made when someone signs up—or they might intentionally put the wrong information. Fake emails, typos and more contribute to a messy list. Scrub and verify routinely to make sure your list is as accurate as possible.

A semi-controversial tip is to use emojis in the subject line. Gone are the days (mostly) when emojis were seen as unprofessional. For younger generations, they’re a sign of friendliness and they’re being more and more welcomed. You’ll also want to personalize the greeting to each recipient, which is easy to do with any reputable software.

Limit your clear calls to action to just one per email. That’s more than enough, and you don’t want to confuse or overwhelm the recipient. Keep it simple, and that CTA might and should lead to more.

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