I was cited in an article for the Wall Street Journal about investing tips for the “little guy.” Investing can be very overwhelming, especially if it’s new to you. I pointed out how the equity sector is gearing up to grow, especially as more people find out about it. Personally, I like to invest via DreamFunded. More investment options also mean that more startups will stand a chance of attracting investors.

Investing isn’t what it used to be. Traditionally, you only had a few options for investing. You either “knew someone” or you had to rely on a brokerage firm. When a company is on the verge of going public, there used to be little options for “getting in.” Thankfully, that’s no longer the case.

Now, buying shares in smaller companies like startups is accessible for low costs. In some cases, you can invest for just a few dollars. The Digital Era also makes it easy to research startups and come up with your own idea of their credibility.

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