Do you wish more people opened your business emails? Of course, we all do! Fortunately, there are 12 “hacks” to make that happen, but most businesses and entrepreneurs don’t make use of these tactics. Business Collective recently asked me along with 11 other entrepreneurs what our best secrets were. Mine is actually pretty straightforward: Use a funny title.

I’ve found, while running, that a funny title results in up to 40 percent more open rates. People want to open things that are urgent (to them—not you!) or that entertain. It’s a simple, easy, and most importantly free hack that works magic.

Others recommend a drip email campaign, using language like “important account information inside” (but of course only if that’s true), and putting urgent language like “For a limited time.” Think about the emails you get and what makes you open them. You don’t want marketing tactics that are obvious, and you might be driven to open an email that has a deadline right in the subject line. People are procrastinators, and sometimes a kick in the pants can get them to act like you’d like them to.

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12 Ways to Increase Email Open Rates-with John Rampton