You’ve heard it time and time again: Usually, the wealthiest people don’t look or act like it. They’re frugal—that’s how they became wealthy in the first place! AOL Finance just published my article and video on the top eight frugal habits to get rich, and it’s definitely worth checking out if building wealth is in your game plan.

For starters, always live below your means and never pay full price. There’s no reason to showboat or stroke your ego (or keep up with the Jones’s!). Almost everyone has unnecessary expenses, so do some fat trimming while creating a new budget. If you can, rent or sell possessions that you don’t really need. It’s the quickest and most painless way to liquefy your assets.

When you leave the house, keep large amounts of cash and plastic at home. Otherwise, you’ll just be tempted. If you can’t afford to pay cash for an item right now, you likely don’t need it. When you do spend, make sure it’s on budget-friendly items you need. Those get rich quick schemes? That’s definitely an “investment” not worth your time!

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8 Frugal Habits that Will Make You a Millionaire-with John Rampton