When Techi asked me what I do differently to increase wealth, I said learning to invest—well!—was the golden ticket. When it comes down to it, millionaires are normal folks that you probably won’t peg as “rich” just by looking at them. However, they do a number of things differently.

After polling other millionaires, there were a few recurring themes. First, learn from your mistakes and avoid the temptation to forget about them. Failure is the best teacher. Make sure you’re always working towards making something that’s (kind of) for you. When it comes down to it, the best products and services are items that inventors/entrepreneurs discover lacking in their own lives.

No matter how much or how little money you have, control it. You’re never too rich or poor for a budget, and it’s easy to be wasteful. For me, I add smart investing into the mix since it’s yet another avenue for poor spending.

Surround yourself with a strong network, and remember like attracts like. You have no time for jealousy or naysayers. However, the biggest, most foundational tip of all is to always be saving. Almost everyone can do better in that regard!

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What Rich Entrepreneurs Do Differently