The Next Web is predicting how 5G will change our lives and how we consume, reaching out to me and others in the industry to get our perspectives. My prediction is that mobile will soon dominate. Studies estimate that in four years, 90 percent of those over six years old will have mobile phones. If you’re a business owner and not making mobile a priority, you’ll be left behind. We have short attention spans, and if we’re not enamored in five seconds, we’ll move on. In 2020, half the world will be under 30—make sure you’re catering to this generation.

Another prediction is that internet connectivity will be totally wireless. Forget cables, especially if you’re a business owner, because a new era is coming. Plus, having faster internet means more of our daily life will take place in real time. There’s no more waiting, which is a good thing in many cases, but that also means you have to be prepared to act on your toes.

Augmented reality will soon be all around us, and we have little time to prepare. Business owners need to be ready to operate fast, in real-time, without foregoing quality.

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