Have you ever considered having an “Instagram business?” Mic.com tells you how, tapping those who have done it—like myself. You’ll need to research the brands that pay the big bucks ahead of time. Don’t spread yourself too thin trying to please everyone. Instead, prioritize high-paying brands that your target audience will love.

Maybe your posts attract a certain crowd. Focus on them because you already have their attention. Research what other brands they might like. Follow the hashtags of brands you have an eye on, and post a number of times during the same time they do. Practice engagement and encourage your followers to tag, too. Watch the kind of content key brands post, and follow suit.

Of course, with Instagram it’s really about taking and sharing fantastic photos. You also need to be consistent when it comes to hashtags and themes. If you look at top performing Instagrams, the personality is unique and nobody can duplicate it. What makes you special?

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