Offering mobile payment options is a necessity in the Digital Era when mobile readiness has arrived. However, you want to keep your business and your clients safe. Mobile payments has brought up a number of new safety concerns, and hackers are always looking for vulnerabilities. Stolen credit card numbers, false bank verifications and more are all reported on a regular basis. One of the biggest vulnerabilities is mobile browsers according to expert Min-Pyo Hong. Techburgh’s blog explored how we can protect ourselves.

When asked what my advice is, as the founder of an invoice site, I suggested keeping all accounts and devices safeguarded with strong passwords that are regularly changed. Utilize a two-factor authentication, like adding retina scans as well as passwords. There’s also fingerprint scanning available.

When sending mobile transactions, only use secure networks. They should feature encryption that is SSL certified. Don’t use public Wi-Fi when perusing any site that might make you vulnerable. Instead, reserve those sessions for when you’re home.

Keep up to date with the latest news on phishing and other scams, so you can spot red flags early. Want more tips?

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