As a financial advisor, you’re on top of your website, blog, social media posts and in-person networking—do you really need to add a podcast to the mix? Yes, and Investopedia asked five financial advisors why. My response? It helps you stay relevant. You get a platform to answer questions that are common, but you can also express yourself on a wide range of subjects. It’s an extra referral source that helps with reputation management and SEO, too. Plus, being a guest on a podcast is a great networking tool.

Podcasts can also help you reach brand new audiences who might not have connected with you otherwise. Financial advice is relevant in a number of other industries, which means you’ll be a popular podcast guest. Networking with both the podcast owner/host as well as his or her audience is automatic, and they might just start following you on other platforms, too.

Building trust is very important for financial advisors, and podcasts are another way to do that. The more often you’re seen on diverse platforms, the more presence you have online, and the more your name pops up, the most trustworthy you seem.

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