It’s the day after the election, and it was bound to be that half of the American (and perhaps global) population is in shock and mourning. After one of the most divisive and brutal of campaigns in history, how can we work towards togetherness? It’s a hard day for many Americans, and Entrepreneur has gathered seven pieces of inspirational quotes from entrepreneurs (myself included) to help us all heal.

My quote which was cited include, “You can say anything to anyone, but how you say it will dictate how they will react.” A lot of people say stupid things, or say wise things in a wrong way, without ever thinking about how the other person will feel. Empathy is a skill that needs to be honed and practiced. Let’s think about not just what we say, but how we say it, as we prepare for the next presidency.

Another included quote is from my friend and co-founder of, Murray Newlands. “The difference between stumbling blocks and stepping stones is how you use them.” At this point, we need to work towards coming together, and it’s all in how we see it.

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