What lessons can be learned from Dreamforce 2016? It depends who you ask! However, for ZDNet blogger Paul Greenberg, it’s important to focus on the best nuggets learned from the event. There were a number of sessions focusing on the practical benefits of aligning sales and marketing. Thought leadership plays a big role, and there were more than a few sessions touting how Pardot was surely going to be the ultimate tech engine for such an alignment.

One of my articles is cited, where I talk about my own takeaways from Dreamforce 2016. However, Greenberg points out that while Salesforce is inarguably making huge strides with the sales/marketing alignment, it’s unclear whether Salesforce is actually aligning those areas themselves. “Anyone know anything?” he asks.

Greenberg says the overall content of Dreamforce was strong, as was the support staff who manages miracles every year. With 2,700 tracks and general sessions, he was highly impressed with how smooth everything ran. With tech rapidly evolving, new advances in niches like AI, he sees the major market players now in a battle to become the one leader. The winner will have not just the tech — but also the practical vision, custom support, and the culture. Companies need to be trusted, and Salesforce is one of the few that has everything going for it.

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