released a list of the top 17 entrepreneurs and influencers to watch in the New Year, and I’m happy to have made the list. The blog’s audience includes entrepreneurs, fellow bloggers and online marketers who are committed to staying on the cutting edge of industry news. It’s more than about who you know and follow, like keeping up with what people are working on. If you understand how someone runs their business, you know how to help direct your own.

Thanks to my guest blogging, successful businesses and making the list of top entrepreneurs and influencers on other platforms, I’m joined by the likes of Neil Patel and Jeremy Schoemaker. Online marketing, especially the content aspect, was a big part of helping to create the list. From knowing the latest SEO best practices to dominating social media campaigns, a lot goes into the online marketing aspect of entrepreneurship.

Follow me and the rest of the list-makers on your social media platform of choice. The more you read what works and what doesn’t from those who came before you, the more streamlined your own journey will be.

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