I’m proud to have made the list of KPS Digital Marketing’s top 100 influencer list of the year. This annual contest identifies the most innovative influencers via the Lumanu relationship tool. A powerful machine analyzes content that is read across a number of platforms including blogs, white papers and articles. Social media is also tapped to figure out who the most powerful influencers of the year are. Lumanu begins at the content and pinpoints those who rely on performance and relevance to build their brand. Amount of views, social engagement and authority are all considered.

Some call the tech the lovechild of Buzzsumo and Jarvis. Authority is a weighted average and considers every site the influencer accesses. Reach is calculated using a monthly visitor average for all domains the influencer uses. Finally, impact is analyzed via average social engagement for every piece of content.

I came in at number 15 with an authority ranking of 83.33, reach of 48. Million, and 1554 impact score. To find out who else made the list, including the number one Joe Pulizzi, take a look at the full release. Looking to keep an eye on your own influences? Try out Lumanu:

Here is the full list.