SumoMe just revealed a killer article on becoming a super connector, and I’m proud to be used as a representative for “journalists.” By far, an influencer marketer can be used to drive traffic to your site more than any other approach. This type of marketing is defined by Forbes as “a form of marketing that identifies and targets individuals with influence over potential buyers.” It’s different than referral marketing, since personal relationships usually aren’t at the center.

However, a lot of people don’t really know what it is or how to do it. It’s easy to get lucky a few times and then think you’re an expert influencer marketer. It takes more than luck to connect with thousands of influencers—and first you need to figure out which influencers should even top your list. What if they don’t have a blog? How can you connect with entire companies? Are they pro or against expert roundups?

Once you figure out who you should target and why, ask yourself how you’re adding value to them. Otherwise, you’re blindly asking for a favor. Always write about them favorably, be quick to make introductions, and go out of your way to please them. There are five major types of influencers, including journalists. The other types are celebrities, authorities, connectors, and bloggers. You might do best to focus on just one type of influencer, or maybe a combination.

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Become a Super-Connector How to Work with 1,000+ Influencers-with John Rampton