Preceptis talked to 11 influencers, myself included, about experience with personal branding. My no-fail approach is celebrating fellow thought leaders, especially in my industry. Rallying one another advances all of us. I’m a firm believer that a group trumps an individual, so when you give yourself permission to be imperfect while simultaneously supporting others in your industry, you know you’re building a community. You need that community to build your personal brand—you can’t do it alone.

Personal branding is all about building a reputation and brand that others believe in, support and can trust. You’re largely in control of how you’re perceived, but keep in mind that it’s much easier and faster to let others be a voice for your brand, too.

Online reputation management tools can be a great help to stay on top of personal branding. In the Digital Era, your online impression is often your first and only one, so make it count. Technology is available to make this easier. Take advantage of it!

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