Check out Motto for my full article on managing finances like a millionaire—because you certainly don’t need to have the big bucks to do so and benefit! The habits of millionaires and how they successfully handle finances can be used no matter what your current financial situation. For starters, don’t buy impulsively. If necessary, only carry a small amount of cash with you and no plastic so that you’re not tempted. You can get better at this with practice, but studies have shown that some people are naturally more able to resist temptation (and those people are generally more financially successful as adults).

It helps if you can tell the difference between what you want and what you need, which is something a lot of people need to practice. You have a lot fewer needs than you think! Millionaires put their wants on the backburner while they focus in on long-term goals. It takes at least one year, often much longer, to actually accomplish a long-term goal. To make more, it’s very helpful to have many sources of income, too! If you just have one, what happens if it falls apart?

I also recommend automating your payments and investments so it doesn’t “feel” like you’re not getting to play with this money. An e-cash retirement account is a smart move. However, this won’t work unless you’re also tweaking and sticking to a budget!

I’m sharing 15 tips in total, so make sure you see them all here:


How to Manage Your Finances Like a Millionaire-with John Rampton