What’s in store for tech in 2017? RocketSpace’s Brittany Hodak asked five tech founders, myself included, what we saw in the coming year. I’m predicting more bots and automation of repetitive tasks. The less we have to depend on “manpower” for monotonous tasks, the better we can make use of our employees’ talents and time. From personalization, communication and other so-called mundane tasks, this can also help startups get a leg us.

Other founders predict an ever-increasing interest in live streaming. Nothing satisfied instant gratification like this social media phenomenon, but the vast majority of people (and businesses) haven’t taken full advantage of it yet. Whether you prefer live streaming on Facebook, Snapchat or another mode, it’ll just pick up more steam in 2017.

You can also expect to see an increased demand in authenticity. Consumers are growing increasingly wary of news with fake sites, fact checking and rallies for genuine content being heard around the world. Not only will it get easier to fact check, but consumers will continue to feel like they’re being duped and their time is being wasted. That’s not a quality equation for anyone.

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