Sometimes it can be tough to catch the eye of your audience, especially on a platform like Instagram. However, when Yotpo asked me and 18 other marketing experts on how to captivate, I advised shouting out to influencers. I like to look for folks who have “Kik” in their description. In most cases, they’re up for taking a payment to promote products and services. Pay starts at just $5, so it’s affordable for anyone. They’ll include a shout out and a photo. I also seek out “CPI” or “cost per install.”

Keep in mind that if all or part of your target market is under 50, they’re likely on Instagram. Most businesses will want to check out this platform and reach more people. Consider geo-locations for engagement, even if you’re not a brick and mortar or don’t necessarily consider yourself a prime geo-targeting company. Never underestimate the power of local.

When Instagram “stalking,” click on their likes and see what their most recent enjoyable visits included. That will tell you whether your visions align and if they might be a good influencer to connect with. Data analysis doesn’t have to be big or automated—you can do it manually, too.

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