Starting a blog is no easy undertaking. It takes perseverance, a lot of time, and the right connections to make it thrive. SteamFeed posted about the top five entrepreneurs to follow when you’re starting to blog, and I’m happy to be one of them! Specifically, I’m cited because I don’t personally have a blog—but I do a lot of guest blogging! You’ll find my writing on TechCrunch, Huff Post, Entrepreneur and a number of other well-known sites and blogs.

I regularly blog about entrepreneurship while simultaneously ensuring my own businesses succeed. I love to share my successes and failures so fellow entrepreneurs (and those in the making) don’t have to make the same stumbles I have.

You’ll also want to follow Dyed Balkhi, a WordPress guru and likely the guy behind your platform of choice. He uses WP for his own sites and has also creates numerous businesses based on that software (like OptinMonster). He’s tech-minded but approachable, and writes in an engaging way while prioritizing laymen’s terms.

The more top entrepreneurs you follow, the better your own venture can be. Find out who else you should be following here: