Blogs can be a fantastic platform for growing your reputation or online business, but only when done well. Momsville USA asked expert bloggers our best tips for beginners. I was interviewed by resident blogger Michelle, who asked me about my background as an online marketing pro, investor and entrepreneur. My top advice is don’t compare yourself. No matter what kind of blog you have, it’s not going to compare to anyone else’s. Simply start blogging. You don’t need to be a blogging professional before you dive right in. It’s a learning process, and you’ll figure out your style and tactics as you go.

Remember that nobody makes a lot of money when they start blogging—most people don’t make any! Don’t let that discourage you.  When Michelle asked me about realistic expectations once someone’s been blogging for a few weeks or months, I reiterate: Don’t get frustrated. Even after nine months of blogging in my early days, I wasn’t making money. I can’t tell you whether to quit or not, but I can share my experience.

However, you also don’t want to keep plugging ahead when you’re not getting results. Keep in mind the learning aspect of blogging and experiment.

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