You know blogging can be monetized and a great way to become a thought leader, but did you know it can also help you become an entrepreneur? Whether you want to join a startup as an employee or partner, get the attention of investors or welcome advice on starting your own company, you need an accessible platform to make that happen—why not let that be your blog?

If you post about topics related to your passions, ask questions and make your content shareable, you can leverage your blog into a great networking tool that trumps traditional social media usage and live networking events.

The “right” person might be alerted to your story by social media or simply because you get a link shared on a blog you both read. Startups and founders alike are all about perfecting products/service in order to pinpoint the best product-market match. It can be pretty tough to find the perfect hodge podge of founders, investors, workers, mentors and the like. The Wall Street Journal reports that your company culture is determined by your first 10-15 hires, regardless of the wishes of the founder. Company culture can also be determined by the early feedback you get, such as those on your blog comments.

Use Blogging to Become an Entrepreneur

Living Proof

A blog is “proof” of who you are as a person, as an entrepreneur, and what your ideas entail. It’s not a pitch or a marketing platform (at least it really shouldn’t be used this way). This is where people can read what you’re really about, your dreams and fears, and see if they want to be a part of that vision or not. Everyone wants to support an underdog, and it might be your personality that wins over an investor rather than a “perfected” elevator pitch. You can be stylish, creative, and showcase just how innovative you are without the pressure of a Shark Tank-like meeting. It also shows off how you process and problem solve, which is invaluable to investors.

Even better, it’s very easy to design and manage your own blog thanks to platforms like WordPress. There’s no HTML or other coding language necessary, and a free blog can look just as good as a costly one. Blogging also helps you get in the mindset of multi-tasking, which is a must for entrepreneurs. If you can’t squeeze in time for a daily blog, how are you ever going to make time for a startup and all it entails?

Still on the fence? Consider these benefits to blogging as a wannabe entrepreneur:

  • Your personal brand gets developed. Everyone online has a personal brand, for better or worse. A blog lets you have control over it, and that’s a very powerful position. Consider a blog a major part of the toolkit for your personal brand. Show off how you’re unique, what you have up your sleeve and the best matches will take notice.
  • It’s great for skill development. “Creating” is at the heart of an entrepreneurial venture, as is storytelling. Blogging helps you think critically, lets you interview people and connect, and ultimately helps you build your tech and writing skills—two things that are a must for startups.
  • You’ll engage. Engagement doesn’t come easy, but it’s a little easier when you’re blogging. Aim to become an influencer and build your “social proof”.

Most importantly, blogging helps you develop confidence. Nobody wants to invest or work with someone who doesn’t believe in themselves. Start blogging today and find out who’s hungry to connect with you.