When’s the last time you updated your digital marketing strategy? Unbounce has tips to upgrade in 2017 based on tips from 13 digital marketing experts. When I was asked, I shared my disappointment regarding Facebook advertising in 2016. However, those low numbers might have been caused by targeting oversights. With Due.com, Facebook ads proved to be the most dismal. However, we have a very niche target audience (small business owners), and they might not have been scouring Facebook looking for answers.

Others were disappointed in the results from LinkedIn ads for generation. To make the most of digital marketing in the coming year, consider scrutinizing your channels before optimizing them. If you don’t go into a strategy with all the information available, you’re not going to get the best results.

Focus on building relationships, but with smaller groups of big influencers. It’s about quality, not quantity—and you can’t build real relationships with a lot of folks, anyway. Great content is a must, but now more than ever it also needs to be paired with great visuals.

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