Digital trends change whip-fast, and Zac Johnson stays on top of what’s right around the bend. He asked me and nine other digital trend experts what we’re forecasting for 2017. I see geolocation getting bigger and bigger, especially thanks to the classic I Spy game. Geotargeting is nothing new, but it’s taken awhile for the masses to get on board (especially when we’re talking hyper local). I’d love to see an I Spy app that really brings everything together. It’s an avenue for companies to tie themselves into the game and highlight promotions.

Scavenger hunts are another prediction, which is evidence that all great things come full circle. Utilizing simple and addictive children’s games is a great way to boost digital trends. Another expert sees a focus on health and wellness sharing, which is already a big trend with apps like Strava. Marrying the social aspect of sharing with health is key for tackling the obesity and disease epidemics in this country.

From Seinfeld references to personal robots, the future is all about the past it seems! Nostalgia has a strong hold on the future. Find out more: