Mashable has released the top 11 tips from 11 advertising pros, including myself, which can take your strategy to the next level. When I tell people about Pinterest advertisements, they’re usually surprised—but it’s a fantastic platform for advertising. I’ve personally experienced a great ROI when customizing content just for Pinterest. I’ve been where a click is worth a dollar, and I’ve been in circumstances where I get paid a lot less for clicks. It’s a symbiotic relationship for everyone, but with Pinterest you get unique results.

Click costs are on the rise, and even so we’re breaking even with early Pinterest advertising testing. This has improved our scalability and allowed us to target new demographics. Other tips include using Snapchat geofilters, which were originally earmarked for big advertisers like McDonald’s but have expanded greatly in 2016.

You might also want to check out Facebook or Instagram integration with a simple and fast linking system. Why not make the most bang for your buck with these interwoven platforms? Of course, video content and native advertising are also sure wins.

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11 digital platforms and tips to improve your advertising strategy-with John rampton