Can’t figure out which entrepreneurship blogs to follow this year? CreditDonkey has done all the dirty work for you, narrowing down the best blogs—and mine is amongst the ranks. Listed as one of their top marketing gurus and social influencers, CreditDonkey recommends following my blog if you want to keep up with social media campaigns and online marketing. I always update my blog regularly, and in real-time when applicable, so my followers never miss a thing.

You’ll also want to follow The Suitcase Entrepreneur if you like living the nomadic lifestyle. One of the best things about being an entrepreneur is often the ability to work when and where you please. If you dream of running your online business from Costa Rica or a high rise in Mumbai, this is the blog for you.

You’ve probably heard of Indiegogo, but this is so much more than a crowdfunding source. It also boasts a blog with fantastic tips for securing funding for entrepreneurs and small businesses. After all, one of the top crowdfunding platforms knows a thing or two about guerilla money-making tactics.

Check out the full list and update your roster of blogs for the New Year: