The Network Journal shared a blog from the Young Entrepreneur Council on the top tech blogs to follow if you’re a CTO. I’ve been proudly connected to the YEC for years, and recommend each of these blogs for anyone in the tech industry. For starters, Searchmetrics is a go-to tech blog that keeps you informed about the more technical aspects of SEO. You’ll also want to check out Signal v. Noise, especially if you’re headed towards a leadership position in tech. As one of the longest running blogs, it’s established and foundational.

Hacker News, compliments of Y Combinator, is the first news blog a number of techies check daily. They publish breaking news and the comments section can be a great resource. With CIO Dashboard, you can get insights into the biggest struggles for tech leaders and how to tackle them.

You’ll also want to visit Joel on Software, MartinFowler, and a handful of other tech blogs whether you’re a CTO or just started your first position in the tech industry. Learning from others is the fastest, most efficient way to optimize your career.

Find out what the full dozen entails here:

12 Tech Blogs Every CTO Should Follow-with John Rampton