It’s obvious that social media can be a great help to your business, but are you using it the right way? That’s what one journalist wanted to find out, and they sought out nine business owners including myself to see how we’re optimizing the social side. For, we’ve figured out that most of our audience isn’t all about the biggies like Facebook and Twitter. However, a lot of our clients are on Pinterest, so we focus almost exclusively on that platform. Of course, we automate when we can and have some presence elsewhere, but why not focus on where the money and people are?

Another business owner says he looks at social media as the leadup to the major event. He’ll write or post on his blog, tweet tidbits from the article, and promote it on social media—but it’s all a teaser for the actual post. This is a smart way to inter-link within your online presence and can maximize longer posts that don’t find a full home on social media.

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