Need some time management tips—how about 82 of them? Adaptrm has released a blog revealing what over 80 small business owners and entrepreneurs do to keep tabs on time. When I was asked, I had a few pieces of advice to share but my favorite is to calendar time for key activities throughout the day. If you don’t schedule time for individual tasks, that can lead to a big time suck. I’ll schedule just about everything, from 15 minutes to check email throughout the day to time for social media management. I use the same tactic when traveling, too, simply tweaking and reducing times as necessary.

Setting timers is another trick of mine, because (like many Type-A personalities) I tend to spend more time than necessary on some tasks. Meetings can be particularly troublesome if you don’t have a timer, but so can meals and breaks. Still, even with a very regimented schedule, I still allow for flexibility and prioritize my personal life.

It may not sound like it from this tip, but I’m pretty laid back. I don’t strive to watch the clock, but have found that a little scheduling and time keeping leads to a more relaxed approach to business. Remember that managing your time is really about balance, and that’s a goal that you strive for throughout life (it’s usually not a destination!).

For more tips, check out the full blog post:


82 Experts Reveal Their Best Time Management Tips-with John Rampton