Check out the list from allBusiness about the seven top online marketers to follow on Twitter. I make the list because, “When you are good at something, you’ve got to milk it for all it’s worth. That is exactly what John Rampton has done over the years.” I’m listed for being an influencer and an entrepreneur, as well as a writer for several high profile sites like Huffington Post, and Forbes.

The list also includes influencer Mari Smith, a social media thought leader. A guru of marketing and branding as well as a Facebook marketing pro, she’s a leading resource for growing business and optimizing paid advertising. She’s also known for her free webinars and being featured on numerous podcasts.

I’m stoked that my co-founder and friend Murray Newlands is also on the list! He’s cited for being an online entrepreneur and serious brand builder. He has more than 1.27 million Twitter followers and also contributes to outlets like Entrepreneur and Forbes. With a mass following comes endless opportunities.

Discover who else is on the list and find some new-to-you influencers to follow here: