Youplus Spotlight has put together the brightest spotlights of 2016, including coverage of my co-founder Murray Newlands. He comes in at two of the top nine influencers of social media according to, which boosted him into the “spotlight.” Our online invoicing system already boosted more than 70,000 fellow businesses in San Francisco. Newlands says, “Entrepreneurship is almost never an overnight whirlwind of success. Most entrepreneurs know that success is a marathon that requires continuous concentration and energy.”

Newlands lists a few ways that he sustains success, including staying positive, removing negative people from your life, pinpointing businesses that make you happy, keeping in good health, choosing a mantra, rewarding yourself and believing in yourself. Featured in the Spotlight is also an image from Pubcon, where Newlands was featured as an Internet Marketing Ninja.

He points out that “every great leader who has accomplished greatness has endured a motivational block.” With six strategies to finding success, he outlines what he’s already learned the hard way—and how others can apply these lessons.

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