If you want a massive pool of some seriously great small business bloggers to follow, FunderaLedger has done all the leg work for you! Their article highlights 51 small business bloggers blowing up Twitter, and I’m proud to be amongst them. You can find me @JohnRampton and join my 552,000+ followers. It’s the platform where I dish up bite-sized advice for startups, entrepreneurs, managers, and more.

You might also want to follow the 50 other recommended bloggers, all of whom bring their unique flavor to social media. Dan Rockwell, a blogger, coach, and speaker, provides inspirational tidbits on Twitter to his over 287,000 followers. Bruce Temkin of the Temkin Group proves that having a corporate background doesn’t mean you can’t always be an amazing startup founder.

The more small business bloggers you follow, the easier it is to learn the tough lessons the easy way. We’re happy to share our struggles with you, what we learned along the way, and are committed to helping others achieve their dreams faster. Utilize social media to move yourself and your business forward.

Check out all 51 small business bloggers featured here:


51 Small Business Bloggers You Should be Following on Twitter-with John Rampton