When Behalf asked me, along with nine other Twitter Influencers, what my biggest B2B challenge was, I had a few characters to share! Confirm, observe, and adjust is my mantra. You should be able to audit your Twitterverse in under an hour, but it’s really tempting to get sucked into spending hours on social media.

The other influencers had some great advice for just about any entrepreneur. For starters, make sure you figure out how your story impacts the “buying committee” as a whole. Make sure you know what gives you life and never lose your passion. These days, branding definitions are created by the consumer—not the marketer/business like it was back in the day.

Be human, be you, but be aware of which emotions can sabotage your success and save those for private moments. Understand what you can control, and know what’s inhibiting successes. All of us were selected because we have big followings, tweet regularly about B2B, and focus on motivating and writing about success. I’m proud to be amongst a list that’s known as “not self-promotional” while remaining engaging.

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