When Salesforce asked me what my 2017 prediction was for sales and marketing, I quickly pointed out that people aren’t reading much anymore. It’s all about videos and infographics. We’re in an era of binge-watching shows and movies, streaming it all, and society says it’s okay to spend hours staring at videos. As marketers, let’s take advantage of that! Video is taking over marketing because there’s no scouring for key words and phrases. People simply remember videos better.

I see ephemeral videos making big leaps in 2017. These are short and sweet videos available temporarily. Think Snapchat and Instagram. It’s a great way to drum up excitement, and there’s an element of fleeting enjoyment. Audiences need to get those videos now before they’re gone. Pulling popular products or offering them for a limited time is an age-old technique that still works.

You should also get used to closing deals with text, both as a marketer and consumer. It might seem a little unstable to older generations, but text is of course a written form of communication. It’s much more solid than a verbal agreement, and for many it’s the go-to approach to communication.

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