Is your SEO up to snuff for the New Year? SEM Rush collected the best practices of 2017, and my contribution is all about syndication. This process transfers all your juice link along with social proof and credibility and directs it to your website. Using syndication is a must to optimize visibility without doing any extra work.

Last year, I focused on really upgrading my content. It went from great to incredible. The goal? Make sure you recruit top authors that don’t just write quality content, but are experts in your field. With syndication, you’re going to be getting the top content available since everyone will see that you push content to other platforms and media outlets. The better your content ranks, the more traction it’ll acquire.

As a bonus, this is an avenue for getting free content—a must for those who can’t or don’t publish on a regular basis. Yes, you’re handing out some links but it’s worth the ROI. Having an active site is a must. Other pros suggest not overlooking crawl budget, an SEO hack that’s often missed.

Want more tips? Take a look at the full list: