MWI asked a dozen SEO experts, including myself, to offer our best search engine optimization bits of advice to create a stunning infographics everyone should save for reference. My tip is to become the expert in your field, then leverage that experience to help others. Naturally, more content will be created as you establish yourself as a guru in your niche, and that content will be organic and high quality. Your SEO will begin growing itself as others ask for guest blog posts, for you to appear on podcasts, and other media outlets. It’s the easiest, most efficient and natural way to grow your SEO.

Other great tips include choosing keywords wisely and using tools to find keyword variances as just part of your strategy. Think like those who will be querying your content and go off-course to experiment. It’s also a good idea to make it (SEO) about them and not you. If you highlight others, it’s a natural way to grow SEO and it’ll come full circle to you.

Understanding customers and understanding people are also foundational for great SEO. After all, SEO is about people when it comes down to it.

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