I’m a big fan of FreshBooks, and am proud to be included in their blog discussing expert SEO strategies to get more love for your blog. When asked about my favorite tip, I said it’s all about covering the basics first. Optimize those blog post titles, and make sure images have descriptions and filenames that are SEO-friendly. There are some foundations of SEO that rarely change, but it’s tempting to dive right into the latest trends and put these on the backburner. This is a big mistake because not only are the basics a sure thing, they’re fast and easy.

Additional tips include identifying and writing for the searcher’s intent. A good SEO algorithm like Google’s will set up their SEO best practices in the same way. In many cases, you’ll also need to conduct some deep research (especially if the topic you’re covering is popular). Grab those “low-hanging fruit SEO words” because, unlike in other instances, they really are giving it away!

When getting backlinks, make sure they’re authoritative, quality, and updated. This requires checking them regularly to make sure they’re still top notch.

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