If you’re looking for a new podcast to add to your marketing-saturated preferences, Blogging.org has you covered with a top 12 list! They took my original score of top marketing podcasts and re-released them (because they’re just that good!). My personal favorite is Business Mistakes, which features a number of leaders discussing what mistakes they’ve made, how they fixed them, and how you should avoid them.

PNR’s This Old Marketing is another gem, starring Joe Pulizzi and Robert Rose talking about strategies and trends in the content marketing world. There’s also The Solopreneur with Michael O’Neal, which targets folks who think they’re unemployable and shows them an avenue to entrepreneurial success.

Also check out Mixergy with Andrew Warner, where he tackles some tough interviews. Entrepreneur on Fire is a great option that delves deep into the psyches of today’s top entrepreneurs. Growth Everywhere, The Growth Show, and Smart Passive Income are also top picks. With every great podcast you add to your regimen, you’re ensuring more top tips, hacks, and advice become ingrained into your own business. What better way to learn?

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12 Must-Listen Podcasts for Marketing Entrepreneurs-with John Rampton